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This design displays proper understanding of CSS animation as well as media queries. It has many break points for the responsiveness through various devices. It also includes jQuery code snippets for the ripple effect. Click here to view the design

Use this tip calculator to figure out how much tip you want to add to your bill. Also you can add more people to share the tips. click here to use the calculator.

Applied CSS animation and flex-box properties. Used matching color pallet and proper font-pairing. Used icons from Font Awesome. This startup website is built to provide information on urban interior designs.   Click here to view the website.

Designed multiple sections which uses flex-box property and media queries. Compatible with desktop, cellphones, and tablets. click here for threesection click here for theringer

click here to play this game. Bevin Kacon is a trivia game that I am working alongside with Professor Smith and few of my classmates. The goal for this game is to find out the closest path between the two actors listed on the top tile. This game is built for the movie/TV fanatics who […]

This website lists the fastest production cars and their specs. Working on to make the site responsive. Uses flex-box display property. Contains UI elements such as hover state. Click Here

Here are some projects that i worked on during the spring semester of 2018. It includes DOM manipulation, Array, and Objects. RGB Guessing Game  link to rgbGuess.js Moron Test link to Moron.js and if you want to check out more links then click this link: My Works    

Public Relations is a practice in which a company or an organization creates a message to the public in order to create a favorable public image. In the video PR Like a Boss, Jessica Erickson talks about different ways to approach to the public and share you ideas. One way to share your personalized ideas and […]

CT101 was really interesting class because I have never taken any class that lets me create my own work without any guidelines. I prefer that way because you can create anything you desire and there aren’t any restrictions. This could help you build your creative skills in a particular area that you are interested in. […]

For my CT205 final project we had to create a video that explains a specific type of editing technique. In the beginning i wasn’t sure about what i was going to add to the video, but after watching several youtube videos and doing research online, I came up with with an idea about neon lightning. […]