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Bevin Kacon (Movie/TV Trivia Game)

Bevin Kacon (Movie/TV Trivia Game)

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Bevin Kacon is a trivia game that I am working alongside with Professor Smith and few of my classmates. The goal for this game is to find out the closest path between the two actors listed on the top tile. This game is built for the movie/TV fanatics who knows very well about the actors and their credits. To play this game: 

-Two randomly generated actors will be listed on the top tile.

-The Right Actor will remain the same throughout the game. 

-The Left Actor’s movie/TV credits will be listed on the main tile which is   the bottom tile. 

  1. Then you have to figure out the path and click the credit which can link you to the Right Actor. 
  2. Once you click the credit, the main tile will show you the cast from that credit.
  3. If the Right Actor is listed on the main tile then you’ve completed the game.
  4. If the Right Actor is not listed on the main tile, then you have to click a cast member that can link you to the Right Actor. 
  5. After you have clicked a cast member, you have to repeat from step 1.

Degree count will show you the path which you took to find the Right   Actor.
Get a Hint will show you the the three movie credits played by the Right   Actor.

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