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I used Newhive to create this Vaporwave gif. I added the transparent stickers from Giphy which matched the background. At last i added Japanese text by copying and pasting from google.

Today i created a gif using Newhive. It’s really simple and doesn’t take that long to create one. You could make your own gif and add it to the background in Newhive  or you can simply download sticker from Giphy and add it your background image. After you have finished creating you gif you have […]

this is my attempt of disintegration effect by using GIMP. It will look like the body is breaking into small particles. For this effect you need a portrait with white background and image of cracked background. This tutorial will provide you simple steps for creating this effect. click her for GIMP It can also be […]

Today I learned a new technique using GIMP. This one is called the smoke effect. For this effect you need a black and white portrait with black background and GIMP app.  You can watch the tutorial on how to create this effect at this link: Also you have to download the smoke brush in order to […]

So I finally got to watch the new episode of the Walking Dead after waiting for more than 5 months. This episode was a little confusing because the main focus was on Rick, who is the leader of the group. It kept on showing him as an old man lying in the bed. I wasn’t […]

This is going to be my very first blog post in my website. This is an exciting moment because i have never created a WordPress website before.To customize the website you can start from scratch or you can apply the themes that are already provided in the WordPress websites. To find the themes you have […]