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English Premier League (EPL)

English Premier League (EPL)

Lately i’ve been watching English Premiere League, which is also known Barclays Premier League (BPL) on Saturdays and Sundays. All together there are 20 teams competing to be on the top of the table to with the title. It has been a tough season for Liverpool F.C. because they haven’t got the chance to be on the top of the table. Currently they are in 6th position in the table. Their record for this season so far is 6 wins 5 draws and 2 loss. I would say it’s a average start for the team, but¬†hopefully they start winning games and get 3 points, instead of getting 1 point from a draw. Even though Liverpool F.C has many talented footballers, the new signing Mohammed Salah has been the only consistent goal scorer for the team.¬† EPL is a really competitive league compared to other leagues such as Spanish La Liga and Geman Bundesliga. The top 8 teams in EPL are only have a point difference, while in other leagues only couple of teams dominate he whole competition.

The goal scorer is Emre Can from LIverpool F.C who scored a fantastic goal against Watford.

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