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My First Blog Post

This is going to be my very first blog post in my website. This is an exciting moment because i have never created a WordPress website before.To customize the website you can start from scratch or you can apply the themes that are already provided in the WordPress websites. To find the themes you have to go to your dashboard and on the left column you’ll find appearance. After you move the cursor to appearance, you’ll have to click the the Themes option. Once you’re on the themes page, you’ll find the little menu on top that says add new. Click on that and it’ll direct you to the page where you will find all the popular themes. Once you’ve found the right theme, you can activate or see the live preview by simply moving the cursor to the theme.I have checked out many tutorials on youtube about customizing the WordPress website and i’ve came across few videos that are very helpful. If you want to customize the themes then watch this video:

It’s a long video because it provides all the steps on customizing the website, but you can make it short by fast forwarding the video by 2X.

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