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Newhive Gif

Newhive Gif

Today i created a gif using Newhive. It’s really simple and doesn’t take that long to create one. You could make your own gif and add it to the background in Newhive¬† or you can simply download sticker from Giphy and add it your background image. After you have finished creating you gif you have to record the video using Quicktime player for about 4 sec and save it in the desktop. Then you have to open photoshop and export the video as a frame. You can delete some frame if you think it’s not important to lower the size of the gif. After you are done editing you have to export as save for Web. You have to make sure that the width is 800px.

I choose these character such as Naruto because it’s my favorite anime. And i choose Rick because i enjoy watch the walking dead. At last the three running characters are from the game The Last of Us, which is my favorite game.

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Good work on the GIF! Newhive is fun and full of potential! Make more!

Your site is coming along well.
This week, we need to remove any default content that comes with the theme that you are using.
The goal is to customize the site so that we see only content created and selected by you.

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