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Smoke Effect

Smoke Effect

Today I learned a new technique using GIMP. This one is called the smoke effect. For this effect you need a black and white portrait with black background and GIMP app.  You can watch the tutorial on how to create this effect at this link:

Also you have to download the smoke brush in order to create this effect. You can download on this website:

There are many other other types of brushes if you want to create some other effects. If you’re having problem downloading the brushes, you can watch the tutorial on how to install brushes in this link:

At last i picked Elijah Wood because he plays as Frodo Baggings in Lord of the Rings series. I grew up watching the movies and it’s one of my favorite movies to watch. Mostly I like the animation and the storyline of the movies.

Here is how it looks before and after the effect:

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This is so cool! Thanks for the links to the tutorials. I also love the theme of your website.

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