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The Walking Dead Season 8 episode 1

The Walking Dead Season 8 episode 1

So I finally got to watch the new episode of the Walking Dead after waiting for more than 5 months. This episode was a little confusing because the main focus was on Rick, who is the leader of the group. It kept on showing him as an old man lying in the bed. I wasn’t sure about the importance of that scene because it kept on repeating throughout the show. The scene was very bright and peaceful. Also the people around him were smiling and they were happy. It looked more like a dream.

Originally in the last episode of season 7, Rick and his group were preparing for the battle against Negan and his group, but the new episode was a bit tricky. Till the middle of the show, Rick and his group were able to  execute the plan successfully. Then the scene of the old Rick appeared again.

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