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What is Public Relations?

What is Public Relations?

Public Relations is a practice in which a company or an organization creates a message to the public in order to create a favorable public image. In the video PR Like a Boss, Jessica Erickson talks about different ways to approach to the public and share you ideas. One way to share your personalized ideas and opinion online is by becoming a blogger. It can be a platform where other people can debate and comment on you ideas. They could also share their own ideas which could help you understand more about the topic. Another effective way to share your ideas is by becoming a mentor. By sharing what you have learned, you can help the community by providing them insights about your ideas. Last but not least, networking is the most importing way of sharing your ideas. By networking it can open many doors for you and help you build relationships. By building relationships you can work together and create a very powerful message, which can effectively influence the public.

Here is the video of Jessica Erickson:

There are many brands which have been successful at executing their PR campaign. One of the most successful brands is Coca-Cola. In their campaign they printed 150 of the most popular names in Australia, which were printed on the bottle. The print said share a coke with the “name” listed on it. It was a way for them to reconnect with the people of Australia. It was a very effective campaign because the internet blew up with people sharing their reaction and thoughts about the Coca-Cola bottle. It was all over the news and media. The result were very impressive. Within few months they had an increase in consumption, sales transaction, volume production, and social media traffic.

Here is the video of Coca-Cola PR campaign:

PR campaign doesn’t always work out as planned. One of the most disastrous and funny incident occurred when LG was mocking Apple iphones. They created a twitter hashtag called #bendgate, which was pointing out how an iphone had the tendency to bend. They tweeted “Our smartphones don’t bend, they are naturally curved ;)”, but the funny part was that the tweet was sent from an iphone. LG took out the tweet instantly after they noticed the error, but people kept on circulating the message.

Here is the video of most disastrous PR campaigns:

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